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img-histEstablished in 1989, Fortlev is the largest producer of water storage solutions in Brazil and currently the leader in its segment in Brazilian market. Acting throughout Brazil and even in other countries, it has pioneered the use of raw materials such as polyethylene in the manufacture and development of exclusive products.

With one of the largest production capacities in the world, Fortlev has seven modern manufacturing units – in the municipalities of Serra (ES), Itatiba (SP) and Araquari (SC), as well as two units in the petrochemical complex of Camaçari (BA), Cabo de Santo Agostinho (PE) and Anápolis (GO) – which together add up to more than 1,400 employees and production capacity of thousands of tons of pieces per month, such as water tanks, tanks, cisterns, sewage treatment plants, pipes and connections, among others.



Our Mission: To be a reference in solutions for water storage.

Our Vision: To be recognized as a Christian company that honors God and a leader in water solutions.


– Faith in God: In God we trust, dedicating weekly time to worship.

– Ethics: We demand from our employees to be fair, honest and transparent in everything.

– Respect: We treat everyone with respect and dignity.

– Commitment: We are intensely involved with everything we set out to do.

– Simplicity: We are simple in being, acting and working.

– Sustainability: We believe in sustainable growth and respect for the environment.



Always focused in the vision of sustaintability, through the years Fortlev has improved tecnologies for water storage solutions and environment care. Nowadays, as the masters in storage of water, the main treasure of nature, Fortlev seeks even more for soluctions to take care of the environmnent.

Furthermore, Fortlev is also the main provider of Instituto Agua Viva. The non-profit social cause of Fortlev was estabilished in 2015, fulfilling the dream of being in the northeastern backwoods of Brazil, a place which their population demands for basic needs. Supported by volunteers from the whole country, the pillars of Instituto Agua Viva are education, income generation, sports practice and health care.

The Instituto Agua Viva is helded by Fortlev and boosted to fight for better conditions of people in the villages of the northeastern backwoods of Brazil – thousands of brazilians, that for times are forgotten, need mostly, only opportunities. That’s exactly why we work in this cause every single day.

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img-certificacaoFORTLEV works to ensure the quality of its products and service, to provide always to its customers with a complete and efficient service. It complies with stringent safety standards and solid quality controls.

FORTLEV’s is present from the training of its employees, through its production line to its planning of distribution and sale of products. From the choice of the raw material to the relationship with the customers. The quality of FORTLEV is present in every step, and this is our commitment.

Since 2002, FORTLEV has obtained the ISO 9001:2008 international certification, accredited by the Bureau Veritas Certification certifying body, after auditing all processes. In addition, it participates in the Brazilian Program of Quality and Productivity of Habitat (PBQPH), of the Ministry of Cities, and all its products meet the specifications of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT).




FORTLEV has six modern manufacturing units strategically located in the states of Espirito Santo, Bahia, Sao Paulo and Santa Catarina. Through the logistics system that involves permanent, continuous and assiduous distribution of products in the main points of sale in Brazil, FORTLEV guarantees the daily supply of thousands of products to shopkeepers and consumers throughout the country.

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  • Bahia – Composto Unit

  • Bahia

  • Santa Catarina

  • São Paulo

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